We live in a time, where Social media platforms have a major impact on political decisions and algorithms are used to manipulate people with modified truth and post-factual statements.

We live in a time, where racism sprouts again as if we have learned nothing from the past

We live in a time, where major corporations dictate decisions that are good for the market and bad for every living thing on this planet.

We live in a time, where economic growth is preached as if it was religion, whereas everybody knows that infinite growth is a tumorous characteristic.

We live in a time, where – above all this – real catastrophes like climate change, the fukushima disaster and overpopulation are ever present in our heads like a tiny voice of sad despair.

In these times, it is ever important to create, to be conscious and attentive, to keep learning, to live in the present moment and to change the unconscious state of our society. That’s why I do art. It keeps me sane and going, helps me find like-minded people and find a balance in this world.

Philosophical questions about the definition of infinity/eternity – and the incapability of the human mind to imagine either of them – fascinate me. That’s why most of my works tell of life and death, of the metamorphosis from one shape to another, of carnivorous plants and mushrooms living of decomposing matter. I draw the infinity of space and the circle of life. My works consist of lines, which form a bigger shape just like strings of energy form matter.

I chose my logo, the tooth, because it has a strong symbolic expression for the search of roots or superficiality, for eternal youth and decay, for health and death.

My techniques range from spray cans via acrylic paintings to quill drawings. I preferably draw on driftwood, old cracked walls, skin, hand laid paper, or anything with a history and individual touch. I gain inspiration from my travels through Southeast Asia, India, and South Africa. My main artistic paragons are Maurits Cornelis Escher, Jean Giraud (Moebius), Hieronymus Bosch and old etching techniques like copper engravings.

I am currently based in Lucerne, Switzerland, after living for almost 3 years in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. This experience gave me a different view of this world and I found my current artistic style while living there. I hope you will find some joy in my creations and interprete them in your own way, as they are made for that.

Thank you for your attention,